My Story


My name is Lennon and I am a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) to six teens, two adult children, and a toddler. I recently became a grandma (yay) or what we jokingly say, a Glam-ma or glamorous grandma. Most days are spent in leggings or gym shorts paired with a casual tank or my favorite sassy graphic tee.

You might be asking, “How is that glamourous?” Society's definition of glamour is misunderstood. Many believe glamour means being over the top, loud, and glitzy. However, this is not how the word is defined. To be glamorous is far from tacky. It is, in fact, when someone is able to balance sophistication with pizzazz. I think a glamorous woman is someone who is fascinating. She is confident, natural, and effortlessly attractive. She is beautiful inside and out and looks just as appealing in jeans and a t-shirt as she does in an evening gown.

Mrs. Lennon's Clothing Boutique was created for the on-the-go stay at home mom that dresses how she feels, not how society thinks is appropriate. At Mrs. Lennon's Clothing Boutique you can go from SAHM to Glam all in one place. You will find a curated collection of casual classics to sexy chic evening wear with the option to customize your accessories to accommodate your style. After all, I want the women I dress to feel glamorous for any occasion.

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